Articles of Association

(Company Limited By Guarantee)


  1. Vice chairman of the association
  2. Chairman of the association
  3. Executive committee of the association
  4. General body of the association
  5. Filing of returns
  6. Term of the office
  7. Conduct of elections
  8. Election procedure
  9. Functions of election commission
  10. Appointment of election commision
  11. Composition of central committee
  12. Organizational set up of the association
  13. Operation of accounts
  14. Funds of the association
  15. Membership fees
  16. Disqualification of member
  17. Rights and duties of a member
  18. Representative of a member
  19. Application of enrollment as member
  20. Classes of member


  • The Central Executive Committee may appoint a President of the Association on such terms and conditions and such remuneration as may be deemed fit by the Central Executive Committee.  The President may be delegated such functions as the Central Executive Committee may deem fit from time to time.  The President may be removed by the Central Executive Committee and shall perform duties and powers, with and under the direction of , the Chairman.
  • The President of the Association shall be incharge of implementing all policy and management decisions taken by the Central Executive Committee and shall exercise supervisory authority and control over the functioning of the Association and the Secretary General of the Association.. The President shall have access to and control of all properties, documents, records and assets of the Association, subject to the control of the Central Executive Committee and the President may direct the Secretary General as to how to deal with the same. He shall have the power to issue and respond to all correspondences whilst the Secretary General shall maintain records and charge of all correspondence. The President shall ensure that the Secretary General convene meetings, issue notices and agenda and circulate minutes and reports of meetings and conferences sponsored, organized or called by the General Body or the Central Executive Committee of the Association. The President shall be the Public face of the Association and shall be responsible for all public policy, lobbying and execution of the policies, programs and decisions of the Association including liaising with any Government, authority, international body etc.  He shall attend all meetings of committees, conferences sponsored or called by the general body of Central Executive Committee unless the decision for calling or constituting such meetings provides otherwise.
  • All paid employees of the Association shall work under the President’s direction however, the day to day working and supervision of the employees shall vest with the Secretary General. He may inspect other offices of the Association as and when necessary in order to ensure unified, coordinated and efficient working. Besides, he shall perform such other duties and powers as may be incidental to his office.
  1. Confidentiality
  2. Arbitration
  3. Borrowing powers
  4. Reporting requirement
  5. Plan of activities and performance review
  6. Indemnity
  7. Annual report
  8. Website
  9. Seal of the association
  10. Management of property
  11. Books and inspection
  12. Amendment to resolutions
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. Vacancies
  15. Want of quorum
  16. Executive committee meetings
  17. The general body
  18. Conduct of business
  19. Quorum
  20. Meeting requisition
  21. Special, orginary or extra-ordinary general meetings of the general body
  22. General meetings
  23. Vacancy of chairman and vice chairman
  24. Proceeding of meeting
  25. Meeting
  26. Treasurer of association
  27. General secretary of the association